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Team Carney!

Please, Obama regime, KEEP JAY CARNEY AROUND.  Every time he opens his mouth, we hang on every contradictory inflammatory word.  PLEASE.  He is a wonderful asset to us Conservatives.

When I heard that Jay Carney had actually pin-pointed what the administration believes are “phony scandals,”  I jumped for joy.  Whoever is approving THESE talking points, God bless you.

That spotlight can now shift right back to the two “phony scandals” that the White House obviously wants to forget first.  I’m thinkin’ they may have even known that CNN was going to release their little bombshell.  Oh, yah… Did I forget to mention that the CIA is actively trying to COVER UP BENGHAZI?




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Benghazi Who?

I thought that the Administration wanted to get to the bottom of this?  Nah…  We have survivors sign Non-Disclosures.  Let’s just forget about this like we did Fast and Furious, shall we?


Zimmerman and Rolling Stone are far more entertaining… Cue Al Sharpton rant.


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