Go On With Your Bad Self, Professor Metzler

THIS.  THIS is what they do.  Jasmyne Cannick proves that she is one of the biggest RACIST liberal wind-bags to date.  Don’t even think of commenting on race relations if you are WHITE.   Jasmyne, like all black liberal racists, want to eliminate the dialogue and espouse their doctrine of perpetual victimhood.  This is where they profit, you see.  YES, I SAID IT.

Jasmyne Jasmyne Jasmyne… I see you are putting that California State University education to good use with the most unschooled argument on the topic of racism there is.

Do you know what happens when you are a liberal racist African-American Californian who makes a witless attempt to shut down the conversation on the African-American Civil Rights leaders of our time?

Professor Chris Metzler happens.



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