Lining up for Obama

Obama is kicking off a series of speeches today… LORD help us.  But you’ll be happy to know, THEY ARE LINING UP, YA’LL!!

The Sheeple just can’t wait for the next speech from our Campaigner-in-Chief…


…ALL 100 OF THEM.  Yah.  You heard that right.  A whopping 100 people:

I’m assuming he’ll say something really all-intelligent-like, maybe something like, “We need to fix our economic woes from the Middle Class out…”  YAH.  Because that works. 

Note to POTUS:  The Middle Class are the CONSUMERS, you moronic waste of space.  The Upper Class, or 1-percenters as you like to call them  (FYI, that includes you, you vacation-whore) provide JOBS.

Spare us another campaign trail, I BEG YOU.   


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